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Paris enforces car sticker system to counter smog

Drivers in Paris have found themselves pulled over to see whether they comply with a new traffic restriction scheme using colour-coded stickers in an attempt to improve air quality. The system requires all cars to have a sticker

British motorists face pollution fines in Paris as car windscreen sticker scheme opens

British motorists face fines if they drive into Paris starting on Monday, as the French capital rolls out anti-pollution stickers for all vehicles, including foreign cars. All scooters, cars and lorries now require a sticker

Panda Express Wants To Give You Free Food For The Chinese New Year

If you’ve ever been to a mall (and if you haven’t I am fascinated by your life), then you’ve probably eaten at Panda Express. And while their orange chicken may be absolutely terrible for us, its sweet siren songs brings us

Paris pollution prompts first vehicle ban under new sticker system

The City Hall has said that any vehicles with a "Level 5" sticker will not be allowed on Paris roads on Monday. Level 5 vehicles are those with diesel engines from 1997 to 2000 (Euro 2), with anyone caught driving one in Paris

Campaign urges re-lighting of Scammell Bridge

DOVER - Residents urging the state to re-light Scammell Bridge street lights can now take their message on the road. Portsmouth resident Renee Plummer has printed bumper stickers urging the state Department of Transportation to

Controversial anti-pollution car stickers come into force in Paris

New anti-pollution measures came into force in the French capital on Monday: drivers must have a windscreen sticker to show how much their vehicle pollutes. Those who score badly are banned from the roads on days when pollution

The New York Times Has Co-Opted ‘Alternative Facts’ and Turned It Into a Marketing Slogan

Turning insults and soundbites from Donald Trump and his team into subscriptions and sales is a trick a number of publications have learned to pull in the weeks since he won the presidential election. Vanity Fair sold

British motorists visiting Paris face a fine if they fail to display a "clean air" sticker as the French capital looks to tackle its smog problems. Cars, as well as scooters, motorbikes, vans and lorries, must have a sticker

Robesonia woman fulfills her passion for animals at the Philadelphia Zoo

Hannah Moyer Salvatore spends her Fridays telling visitors about the "residents" at the

Spelling Google Wrong On Google Bumper Stickers

4ever_sashaa shared a photo on Instagram of someone who bought tons of Google bumper stickers but spelled Google wrong. As you can see, it reads Gogole instead of Google. The color order is correct, just not the letters. He

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