Pizza, chins and living rooms: What people are saying about the Lexus LS

Pizza, chins and living rooms: What people are saying about the Lexus LS

Lexus brought the latest generation of the LS sedan to the Detroit auto show, and by doing so, showcased the reinterpreted flagship that launched the brand with aplomb 28 years ago. The 2018 LS shares a platform with Lexus’ new LC 500 halo sports car and gets more angular exterior features and a couplike silhouette. Power is supplied by a new twin-turbo 3.5-liter V-6 engine.

Here’s what people are saying about the Lexus LS.

“So big, so low, so elaborate. So exposed. The LS sedan’s grille takes the brand’s signature look to a new level of complexity. The lacework design has a mind-boggling 5,000 different surfaces. Lexus’ hourglass grille has been controversial, but it looks grand on the elegant LS sedan. It also looks like a budget-bustin’ repair bill waiting to happen. Like a boxer leading with his chin, the LS is exposing its weakness.”

-- Mark Phelan, Detroit Free Press

“The new Lexus LS 500 is a good-looking car, wide, squat and visually tapered to the rear. Like the sexier LC 500 coupe with which it shares its platform, it wears its signature spindle grille in a natural rather than a tacked-on manner, and while certain details appear dramatic for no other reason than to create drama, the car’s appearance is balanced and cohesive. However, after a few cocktails, if someone put a picture of the redesigned 2018 Lexus LS right next to a picture of the redesigned 2018 Toyota Camry, they might get confused about which car is which. They might even spot some Toyota Avalon in the Lexus, especially around back. Not only that, the LS resembles the entry-level Lexus IS rather than the other way around. And the way the front fender lines swell and then dip past the windshield pillars and beneath the mirrors to fade into the front doors, combined with the lozenge-shaped 6-window side glass treatment, immediately recalls the Infiniti Q70 from some perspectives. Or maybe I just need a new LensCrafters prescription.”

-- Christian Wardlaw, New York Daily News

“Lexus built its reputation largely on impeccable assembly quality inside and out, and the new LS looks to carry that torch. Plush, buttery-smooth leather pervades the cabin, and a beautifully sculpted dashboard design is more daring than anything you’ll find in the current Lexus showroom. Customers can choose among several different types of wood trim, and ambient lighting is said to be inspired by Japanese lanterns. Each door panel is artfully crafted, too, incorporating a gorgeous wood inlay, a highly detailed speaker grille, and an armrest that appears to be floating. All in all, the new LS appears to rival the wow factor of the latest Mercedes-Benz S-class’s interior, at least based on first impressions.”

-- Joseph Capparella, Car and Driver

"This one is far more aggressive than LS's past, with a grille that looks rad from some angles, like pizza from other angles. It's actually rather elegant. Now, that's just the exterior. Underneath that the base LS will have an all new twin-turbo 3.5 liter V6, that Lexus says was developed through the company's F1 technology, even though the Toyota F1 team had naturally aspirated V8s and shut down in 2009. ... Anywho, that means it has 415 horsepower and 442 lb-ft of torque. Combine that with a new 10-speed gearbox, and the standard, rear-wheel drive LS will get to 60 in just 4.5 seconds. Which is quick for a massive car and unbelievable for a living room.”

-- Travis Okulski, Road & Track

“When considering that the Lexus LC 500 made it to production virtually unchanged from concept form, it was reasonable to think that the LS would similarly follow suit. Especially when the LS shares the LC's GA-L platform. Unfortunately, it didn’t pan out that way. It is possible to spot cues inspired by the LF-FC concept, such as the lower contour of the windows, the crease in the metal leading up to the rear wheel, and of course the lights and spindle grille. But they're overshadowed by the fact that this LS has a significant amount more girth. Just because it doesn't live up to the concept doesn't mean it's a bad looking car. It's far more interesting to look at than the dated, upright LS currently on dealer lots. It also sits quite low and the wheels and tires fill the wells nicely, which gives it a road-hugging stance. There are some nifty design details, too, such as the glass that is completely flush with the pillars.”

-- Joel Stocksdale, Autoblog

“It's just too much. It's really big, it's brash, it has loads of chrome and that giant mouth is, well, a disaster waiting to happen in my city's streets and parking spaces. And that's before you get in and your eyes try to find a place to rest among the crazy angles and lines in the dash design and seat stitching.”

-- Fred Meier,

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